of the Gay Armada and our Organizing Team
* Note:  Some may not be that frequent, but horrifying enough or absurd enough to justify inclusion so that they don't get asked again... ha
Quick answers to the most common easy questions:
  • COVID-19 Vaccine + Testing:     tl;dr - GET VACCINATED!    You should be vaccinated for both basic logistical and big picture reasons.  Over the next eight months, there may be changes to the BVI and USA entry/exit requirements.  

    • Basic Logistics:  If you have not been vaccinated, your trip will be extra hard, very expensive (extra days added on for quarantine) and much, much more complicated.  As of June 2021, all sailors (vaccinated or not) have to take a COVID test at the end of the trip before they return to the USA (which we will do as part of the trip)

    • Big Picture:  We expect that all Gay Armada sailors will be vaccinated for the COVID virus for their own health, for the health of others, for the good of the community, and as a demonstration of the basic levels of decision-making skills, judgment, and responsibility that are also needed to ensure safety onboard a yacht.  While there may be some unique medical concerns who cannot have the vaccine, a generally healthy guy who simply doesn't want a vaccine is not a good fit for this trip.  A commitment to group safety and supporting & protecting each against danger and risk has been core to sailing for centuries.    

  • Travel Booking:  Don't book your travel until after you register and get the Welcome Guide.  Just don't.  We promise. 

  • Age & Fitness:  Gay Armada sailors range in age from 19-70, and are of all fitness types.   Please don't send silly emails with questions on age or fitness question.  It's a sailing trip, and the goal is to have fun!  Besides, you're undoubtedly awesome and fabulous, so let's just celebrate that!

  • Full Yacht Upgrades:  There are infinite options for big, fancy, or luxury upgrades.  They get very expensive.  If you want a fancy upgrade, you first have to commit to the trip overall first and make a "regular" deposit, then you can upgrade it to whatever you'd like to have!

  • No solicitation, please!!!   Selling something?  Bless your heart, but we promise that we don't want it.  And we won't buy it.  Just to be transparent and honest, please don't ask.  We run the trip on a breakeven model, so "no thanks!"

  • Our answers are honest.  They're a bit glib, very tongue-in-cheek, sometimes funny, and with a sprinkle of snark that tries to encourage thinking & acting like logical grown-ups, while also giving realistic answers that are free from any sugar coating.