This trip needs travel insurance.
You're literally nuts* if you do it without it.
*Since we're about to be best friends, we'll just be honest.

Travel Insurance
We have special arrangements with Travel Guard to help you protect yourself with travel insurance.  We picked them because they're the industry's best, and we can work with them directly to help if you have a claim.  (We have claims every year).
A few reasons why:
  • If your flight into St. Thomas misses the last ferry, you'll eat $300 for a hotel
  • You're booking this a year in advance.  You may end up with a work or family circumstance that makes you cancel.  Protect yourself!
  • We travel in the winter.  There are always storms making a mess in the U.S.
  • If (god forbid), you get hurt, it can cost thousands for a water taxi to the hospital,
    and your medical insurance benefits may suck in the islands.
  • If they lose your bags, island hopping means you may not get them for a week
  • If you're traveling with somebody, and they cancel, you can be screwed over
To make it easy, we have embedded the form right below here.  It's so easy that it's scary, and we even give you a "cheat sheet" on how to fill it out.  Doesn't get any easier.

Note:  We don't MAKE you get Travel Guard, and you can use your own vendor if you want, but our team will NOT be able to internally support claims from other companies, and cannot aid your claim, or provide custom documentation due to privacy concerns.  Travel Guard really is fantastic, too.
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