Make your trip even better by adding a cook / host / hostess!


Remember that cooks / hosts / hostesses need a few elements:

  • You need to tip them well at the end (because they'll be awesome)
  • You will pay the cost of their meals onboard, and if you invite them out, your boys will need to pick up the tab  (obviously, they don't chip in for your boat expenses)
  • They get an inside cabin, to themselves
  • If you ALSO have a skipper, your cook/host/hostess can share with the captain


Side Note:  They may be male or female, and may be straight or gay, but they are excited to help out with the Armada, and will be fantastic for your yacht.   (Remember:  The best captains the Armada has ever had were all straight, as were the amazing female hostesses and chefs)

Add Cook / Host / Hostess for the Yacht