Moving Forward in the Back Office

This morning, the Gay Armada Organizing Team made the decision to move in a new direction organizationally in regards to our travel agency partner. While this decision will have no effect on our event, our sailors, or our vendors, it is a new direction for us and how we manage our payment processing, as well as our "back of the house" vendor transactions.

Going forward, the Armada will not be marketed, sold or managed via Montrose Travel or our DC Fun Tours partnership vehicle, however we strongly support all of our sailors continued use of their resources and staff for all of their air, car, and cruise needs in the future. They are a great company, and do an exceptional job taking care of their clients.

Know that the entire Organizing Team greatly honors our travel partners, and we will support any needed transition. There will be no effects for our sailors, or for our vendors, though vendor payments will now be handled directly through the Armada, and not via a third party.

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