New "Features" section opens with a look at cash back strategy... which can help pay for the Armada!

Too often, we're not playing the credit card benefits game smart enough, and its causing many of us to leave cash on the table... cash that could be better used investing in life and in fun

Travel (and gay life in general!) can be painfully, painfully expensive! Popular investment guru

While they say that travel may be the one thing you buy that leaves you richer in the end, a wealth of experiences won't pay the bills, and won't cover the airfare to get where you need to go, let alone a Fire Island Share, a PV adventure, or a week sailing the BVI!

With the future articles coming in our new Features Content section, we want to tackle things that are "Armada Adjacent," such as this one, with innovative, smart, strategic, and simple ways to claw back spending and get benefits that can give us that extra money we need to be more comfortable and hopefully do more fun things that make us happier, some deep, and some frivolous, but all up to you to think about for yourself.

Dave shows how much impact simple strategies can have:

"I earned... actual cash back credits of... $4965.40 this year... Not bad at all, considering thatI just use these credit cards to buy things that I would buy anyway... and always pay the bill at the end of the month" - YouTuber and angel investor Dave Hanson

Imagine being able to on the Armada, do a week in PV, and Halloween in WeHo fun, all without having to do a single thing differently, just by taking advantage of tools and offers that are right there in front of us.

If we better harness the free cash back and benefits in front of us every day, we can save, earn, offset, and reallocate into something impactful, which can help pay for important things... as well as fun ones like travel... and to come sailing on the Gay Armada!

We hope that it helps give ideas and insights and maybe helps somebody be able to afford the fun things that make life richer, and help us grow in both ourselves and relationships with friends, families... and maybe a cute boy or two!

If you have ideas or content for future "Armada-adjacent" features topics that can help our fun Gay Armada community, speak up! Shoot us and email or a message anytime!

The Gay Armada exists only because of the hard work of all of our volunteers (who actually SPEND money to come!), and we hope we can re-energize our community's discussions!

Looking forward to conversations and ideas!

- Your Humble Commodore, Vice-Commodores, and Organizing team

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