Website goes under revamp prior to 2022 announcement and campaign

A flurry of web reconstruction will be going on throughout the site up through June 10, when we plan to officially launch the 2022 Armada

The Gay Armada Organizing Team wants to apologize to everyone who may find the site a mess or inconsistent. Given our scant resources and faraway team members, we will be doing updates live, rather than one big dramatic rollout.

In addition to pure updates, we are looking to make it better than ever, including:

  • Our exciting new "Features" section, with "Armada-Adjacent" content that can be enjoyed by our whole Gay Armada community and friends, regardless of whether you can come sail with us or not!

  • A vast improvement to the Prep and Learn section

  • Much better integration of videos and flipbooks

  • Some marginal design improvements, though we frankly lack the bandwidth to completely gut the site, even though it needs it

The site has lots of nooks and crannies where old, bad, wrong, or conflicting info can hide! Please drop us a note when you see things we need to fix or update! You're being helpful when you do that! (Trust us... some queen will throw a fit even though they're clearly reading something from 2017... ha)

With that, we appreciate your patience, and can't wait to have everyone back in the islands ASAP!

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