Smart choice.  And the most fun.
Now the real question:

Private, Full Yacht Group Options for the 2022 Gay Armada
Here's how it goes:
  • Pick your yacht
    (Use the "back" buttons in navigating the online store)
  • Decide if you want your own skipper, a volunteer skipper, or a professional skipper, as well an an optional host / hostess to help out onboard 
  • Pay your deposit to book it  
    (Place the boat in your "Cart."   Then, on this page, use the check-out tool, in the top right corner, above the menu, with the
    shopping cart icon to complete the transaction. )
  • Start rallying your friends to join
  • The Armada team will reach out ASAP with follow-up details soon, or you can always send us any info you need via email, or setting up a Quick Q&A Call anytime
  • You're protected by our 24 Hour, No Hassle Refund guarantee
  • Get your travel insurance after booking your yacht for at least the value of the deposit!