Some guys have extra space on their yachts.
Other guys would like to join in with them.
Let's make some introductions.

YachtShare List
Open Message Board for Yacht Groups to Post Openings

  • These are private postings made by sailing groups.  Neither PAC nor the Gay Armada are responsible for their content

  • You should get to know anyone you talk to before deciding if this is the right group for you, and vice versa, with no hard feelings as everyone finds the best matches 

  • Once you're both onboard for you to join, they will give you a code to register under their group

  • Unless special arrangements have been made, you will pay the group directly

  • We believe that everyone will be honest, upfront, and fair, but the Armada cannot make any guarantees, and cannot be held responsible for any private agreements or representations within groups

  • If you are not comfortable with an arrangement, then just book through the Gay Armada directly instead

  • This is a new service, suggested for by our sailors in our ideas survey.  We hope that this pilot is a success!

YachtShare Postings
Check Back for Regular Updates!

Illustrative Sample Placeholder - Postings will come as groups have open spaces

Yacht Details - Email:

The groups will post about themselves, the yacht they picked, and what they're looking for, with a suggested price for the slot

You will then be able to send an email to the group admiral via a masked email address, and begin the conversation


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